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How AI is revolutionizing e-commerce

Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence used wisely, can bring you up to great results as e-commerce.

In today's market, it is hard not to find a mention of artificial intelligence that optimizes specific processes within companies. In this article, we will focus on a specific industry, more specifically e-commerce. According to Forbes, the e-commerce market will expand by $ 1 Trillion by 2025. Such a result of course, even as speculation, makes a huge impression. The current changes in the economy, in connection with the last year, have led to an increased demand for online shopping and all side businesses. Now let's ask ourselves what are the ways to revolutionize the e-commerce market with the use of machine-learning. Let us remember that this area is not fully "filled" with ready-made solutions. Many emerging businesses do not understand this technology or use it in a suboptimized way, which can ultimately do more harm than good.

Optimize your AI services in E-Commerce

A few words to start with

Remember that the current business of online stores requires 24/7 service. It often involves contact with a client from different time zones, using different languages. AI is a great example of technology that can automate such processes and ensure the continuity of e-commerce services.

Such an artificial consultant in the form of, for example, a bot, not only automatically replies, conducts conversations, also saves certain historical data, learns on the basis of them. In addition, the neural network analyzes the customer's purchasing path and recommends specific items for purchase. In a nutshell, it has a huge impact on the development of the e-commerce industry.

6 way to revolutionize e-commerce

We present an example of the use of technology and solutions based on artificial intelligence.

1. Powerful search-engine

Each of us visiting the online store is not always sure in which category the product we are looking for is located. In addition, if the UI / UX of the store is underdeveloped, it can make the task difficult for the customer. Let us not forget that a customer who will not find a product will not buy such a product.

In this case, Natural Language Processing, or NLP for short, may come to the rescue. Analysis of a specific search method for a given product, and an intelligent proposal, also based on the specific preferences of a given user. Let's imagine that a given robot proposing a product has known the buyer for "a long time" and knows what to offer.

AI-powered search engine

2. Chat Bots

Nowadays we are quite used to efficient access to information. If this time is extended, this subconsciously affects our further behavior, for example on the website of an online store. Often our questions concern large sums of money, so we want to have the fastest possible 24h / 7 feedback. When we cannot get access to information immediately, we're losing trust, and interest in the website. Chatbots come to the rescue, which, when properly programmed, can answer a surprisingly large number of question scenarios. Importantly, AI enables better and better imitation of human behavior and communication.

Chatbot as your e-commerce assistant

3. Content and ADs personalization

We can increase our customer engagement rate, by simply providing content that is somehow related to previously searched results. That kind of outcome can be analyzed and delivered by using artificial intelligence. It'll be possible whether to send the specific product advertisements or change time activity. It's only about customizing the content, it can go further, for instance, we are able to also modify the user interface, due to clients' needs.

AI content personalization

4. Similar product recommendation

Imagine you have been searching all the Internet to find the best clothing inspiration that will fit you, or you have been looking for a special kind of furniture. It would be a tremendous difference if you wouldn't have to look through all the categories, filter colors etc, just pasting the image you have found on the Internet, and neural network will take care of all the 'mumbo-jumbo' stuff behind it, to show the result you'd been looking for.

Similar product search powered by neural network

Last few words

Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence used wisely, can bring you up to great results as e-commerce. It all depends on how much time you have spent on analyzing the problem, what do you want to achieve, which tools can you used and what is a relatively possible value that you'll get by using machine learning. At Pluscode we can help you answer such questions for sure!

Dawid Kubicki