Data science & Machine learning

Deploy the AI of the future now and improve your business

At Pluscode, we place great emphasis on development in the area of Data Science and Machine Learning. Properly used, it can significantly affect the development of many processes within the company. Use convolutional or recursive neural networks, use the potential of Transformer technology and many others to solve a specific task.

Data Science

Analyze your data, extract the most valuable information from it

Recommender Systems

Guide the system user in relation to  personal path and interests

Natural Language Processing

Communicate with the person, analyze the sentiment, direct the conversation

Computer Vision

Let the system make decisions based on the images passed to it

Data science & machine learning

Machine learning can be used in almost any sector

Let the Pluscode team analyze the processes inside your company and find a number of solutions improving specific areas. Increasing sales in the store, improving employee productivity, better product proposition are only part of it.
AI's areas of activity:
Improve product recommendation
Increase ecommerce sales
Increase employee productivity
Parse and analyze Big Data
Automate contact with the customer

Work with a team of developers who deliver products of the future!