dedicated software development

Creating dedicated software is a process that helps to bring technological ideas to life

Pluscode services include digital transformation, i.e. the introduction of modern technologies in place of old solutions. A dedicated solution is also understood as integration with external IT systems or the involvement of IoT (Internet of Things) technology.


Cloud-based solutions help maintain simple access and control to the system

Streamlining of processes

Many processes developed over the years require improvement of their condition

Simpler maintenance

As the system scales, it is important to maintain continuity and the size of the data

Internet of Things

IoT devices are gaining more and more importance as they connect the physical and digital worlds

Dedicated software services

We create tailor-made software that will improve your business processes

We always carefully select technology for a specific problem that we solve. Depending on the architecture, we build an individual project team that will create an application that is refined in every detail.
Processes supported by Pluscode
Cloud solutions
Big Data

Work with a team of developers who deliver products of the future!

mobile technology stack

We create beautiful, optimized mobile applications with an intuitive interface

A lot of applications appear on the market, but we quickly remember the cool ones. At Pluscode, we take care to design, program, implement and maintain the application for both iOS and Android platforms.
Mobile development
React Native